3 Best Places to Visit in Australia

To be the smallest continent and the biggest island is a natural endowment, which cannot be plundered from Australia. You can find everything you need for a vacation in this country and experience a new sense of exotic heavenliness with every stroll you take through the streets. States traversing from Sydney to Melbourne have plenty to offer in terms of luxurious destinations and magnificent landscapes. The lifestyle of the countryside is the most alluring factor for many tourists. Nightlife is also actively bright throughout the year for everyone to explore. Australia has a multitude of elements within its vast pooches, offering something special to every tourist or visitor. Natural wonders like the beaches and the reefs are a treat to watch, while the canyons and national parks await your presence to exude the best features. Here is a list of the best places to visit in Australia.

1.      Sydney

This fantastic city has a lot to offer, from culture and food to the country’s great views. The scenic harbor is the defining element of Sydney, and it was along this harbor that the first inhabitants of this region lived. Visitors love to go cruising on the ferries, floating on the massive blues. You can pass by the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge on these ferries, and you could also get down and visit these spots.

Taking a ferry to Manly Wharf to rent some kayaks for some great surf classes is the best pastime for adventurers. Reveling in the sun on a pleasant day at the Bondi beach or the Manly and Coogee is the perfect way to spend the mornings and evenings. If you are a shopping lover, a visit to the historic Queen Victoria Building will serve you with the best options. A great time is guaranteed here with the long line of restaurants and clubs offering you more exciting activities after your shopping.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

2.      Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Drive through the picturesque landscapes to head to the most prominent landmark in Australia- Uluru. This immense rock is spectacular with its ruddy hue and the striking contrasts. You don’t get to behold such a sight anywhere else in the world, leaving a mark of happy memories in your mind. The rock formations of Kata Tjuta are also mesmerizing visuals you would want to register on your memory wall. Both these places are perfect for bike rides and tours, and they are also of great spiritual and cultural significance. It takes you through multiple ages of the country to feed you with details about the events that have defined these locations’ beauty.

3.      Great Barrier Reef

Australia is mostly known for its huge area of water encompassing the island, and of all the places in the country, the Great Barrier Reef is the most sought-after location because it holds a unique beauty in its massive coral reefs and cays. It is the largest reef on the plant, having around 1500 fish species and 360 corals. Buying a ticket to the boat cruise is the best way to explore the reef.

Great Barrier Reef
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